With simple and natural foods becoming mainstream, food product developers are challenged to eliminate artificial and synthetic ingredients from products without jeopardizing quality.

As longtime experts in addressing consumer demands with natural ingredients, we harness the power of plants to offer replacements for undesirable synthetic ingredients, such as curing agents like sodium nitrate/nitrite, chemical-based cure accelerators, and stabilizers.

Veg Stable® is our minimally processed, all natural powder that eliminates the need for synthetic meat ingredients. The powder is derived from label-friendly produce like celery, acerola cherries, and Swiss chard.

Veg Stable® naturally

  • replace undesirable ingredients like sodium nitrite, accelerators and stabilizers
  • accelerate curing processes
  • promote cure color stability throughout shelf life
  • enhance antimicrobial effects and overall food safety
  • contribute antioxidants

Veg Stable® naturally

  • replaces undesirable ingredients like sodium nitrite, chemical-based accelerators, and stabilizers
  • enhances antimicrobial effects and overall food safety
  • promotes color stability throughout product shelf life
  • paves the way for a product owner to expand into new markets and clean label claims

Supporting our growing partners

We source our natural ingredients from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredient, we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.


Processing capabilities

From extraction to fermentation, we are proud of our modern processing facilities, which deliver consistently high quality ingredients to our customers.



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