As consumers embrace better health and wellness, they want foods, beverages, supplements — and even cosmetics — that offer functional benefits derived from natural ingredients. Our new human nutrition portfolio includes: L-theanine, caffeine, resveratrol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), nitrates, and vitamin C. These high-potency, natural ingredients are ideal in applications including: beverages, foods, supplements, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and clinical nutrition.

Human Nutrition Expertise 

FFP Human Nutrition delivers real ingredients from nature that work. We ensure the highest quality ingredients possible in order to provide you the health and wellness ingredients that today’s consumers demand. We listen to your goals and challenges. Then, we help you identify the best solution from our portfolio of high-potency, natural ingredients. Nimble and knowledgeable, we use our expertise to get you to the competitive health and wellness market ahead of the rest.

human nutrition ingredients
Natural L-theanine

Natural L-theanine

Our high potency L-theanine is naturally sourced directly from green tea leaves and standardized to 98% for effectiveness. L-theanine, an amino acid, is associated with multiple health benefits from improved focus and sleep1 to decreased blood pressure, with FDA-acknowledged efficacy and safety. 

  • Standardized to 98% L-theanine
  • Labeled as: green tea extract
  • U.S. tested and verified
  • Certified Organic available
Caffeine leaves

Natural Caffeine

Our natural, high-potency caffeine offers up clean energy powered by green tea. Research shows that natural caffeine is found to have a longer lasting and more consistent effect on mood and mental cognition than synthetic caffeine.2

  • High potency natural caffeine
  • Standardized to 98% caffeine
  • Labeled as: green tea extract
  • Reliably produced in the U.S.
Natural Resveratrol

Natural Resveratrol

This powerful antioxidant is naturally sourced from the botanical, Japanese knotweed, standardized to 98% resveratrol, and U.S. tested and verified. Resveratrol is associated with boosting immunity and decreasing inflammation.3

  • Standardized to 98% resveratrol
  • U.S. tested and verified
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Associated with heart & brain health

Natural EGCG

Our potent EGCG, also known as epigallocatechin gallate, is a natural ingredient from tea leaves with powerful antioxidant properties. EGCG’s antioxidant activity is 100x more than vitamin C and 25x more than vitamin E. It may help reduce inflammation4 and has wide applicability for personal care, weight loss, and heart and vascular health support.

  • Naturally sourced from tea leaves
  • Powerful antioxidant properties
  • Standardized to 95% EGCG
  • U.S. tested and verified

Natural Nitrates

Our nitrates are produced in the U.S. from naturally sourced beets. They feature standardized nitrate levels and are labeled as fermented beet concentrate. Natural nitrates offer a range of health benefits ranging from energy and sports performance to heart health5 and weight management.

  • Naturally sourced from beets
  • Standardized nitrate levels
  • Labeled as: fermented beet concentrate
  • Certified Organic available
Natural Vitamin C

Natural Vitamin C

Our potent vitamin C is naturally sourced from acerola cherry, labeled simply as cherry powder. An antioxidant, vitamin C may boost immunity & overall health by protecting cells from free-radical damage.6 Our U.S.-produced vitamin C can support products focused on personal care, liver health, and heart and vascular health.

  • Naturally sourced from acerola cherry
  • Labeled as: cherry powder
  • Standardized to 34% vitamin C
  • Certified Organic available

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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