With all-natural food options becoming increasingly popular among consumers, food product developers continue to face the challenge of successfully eliminating artificial and synthetic ingredients from their products without jeopardizing quality or taste.

As longtime experts in helping you meet consumer demand for clean label products with naturally delicious ingredients, FFP harnesses the power of plants to replace undesirable synthetic ingredients in packaged and processed meats and more, with natural meat cure ingredients, natural cure accelerators, clean label phosphate replacement, natural antioxidants — and now, natural antimicrobials.

vegstable natural cure meat

VegStable® Natural Cure

Let the proven, plant-based protection of VegStable® Natural Cure products cure your next winning clean label meat product without the synthetic additives.

vegstable plus beef jerky

VegStable® Plus

As an all-natural substitute for synthetic ingredients, VegStable® Plus keeps your business moving forward by offering clean label protection. It helps protect your meat product while enhancing the overall eating experience by retaining the meat’s juiciness, tenderness, flavor, and color.

veg stable fresh meat

VegStable® Fresh

Maintain the quality of your meat with the power of plants. VegStable® Fresh is the clean label antioxidant alternative that locks in meat’s taste and color while naturally keeping the off-putting effects of oxidation at bay.

vegstable secure

VegStable® Secure

Our new, all-natural antimicrobial solution has arrived. Now it is possible to protect a variety of foods from pathogens and spoilage, extending shelf life with the natural power of celery, offering a clean label with a simple ingredient declaration — and no impact on the eating experience.

Clean Label Performance & Protection Solutions

Consumers are looking for clean labels across the board. At FFP, we make it easier to successfully eliminate artificial and synthetic ingredients. Our Natural Ingredient lines help you offer more than a clean label. Now, you can deliver better-for-you products without compromising on quality or all-important taste.

For Next-Level Products

Our new Meat Your Match tool offers real-time answers to your protection and performance challenges — all in just a few clicks. Time is critical to your success. Now, in an instant, you can find out how to get more out of your meat & poultry product with the best solution from our powerful lineup.

Get the most out of your product, now.

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Sourcing You Can Trust

Our natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredients produced in the U.S., we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

Processing Capabilities

FFP is proud to take strict, consistent quality-assurance measures through every step of product processing, while still providing industry-leading on time and complete rates. From proprietary extraction to drying, our gentle, high-quality processing capabilities result in a more consistently effective end product for our customers.

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