At FFP, we believe in the power of nature. For over 65 years we’ve paired our food and beverage ingredient experts with trusted grower partners to offer an extensive portfolio of ingredients for food protection, performance, and taste. After pioneering our natural cure, we continued to expand our capabilities to help food and beverage manufacturers deliver better clean label products for the ever-evolving consumer landscape.

With solutions for processed meat, beverage, plant-based alternatives, health and wellness, culinary, and pet food needs, we can help you clean up your food and beverage labels with products that taste and perform great, and are made in the U.S. We harness the power of nature to deliver better ingredient solutions — Because Real Works®.

Sourcing You Can Trust

Raw material inconsistencies and availability can create challenges with ingredient quality and reliability of supply. That’s why it’s so important that, at FFP, we leverage our long-term relationships with trusted growers to provide our customers with uniform, in-spec ingredients throughout the year. Our carefully sourced natural ingredients also ensure ultimate product performance and taste.

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Expect Expertise

We select the best raw ingredients from around the world based on the unique flavor, color, and quality elements they provide. This includes everything from sourcing fruits and vegetables from the Midwest and California to procuring the finest tea leaves from Japan. 

Our long history of strong relationships and true ingredient expertise means we can help you find what you’re looking for and get it to you when and where you need it. 

Our approach to strategic sourcing means our grower partners are geographically dispersed, helping us minimize risks of out-of-stocks due to unforeseeable weather or other unpredictable events. 

Our strategic inventory management means we stock the best on-site, year-round. So when you reach out, we can get you what you need, when you need it. With industry-leading order On-Time And Complete (OTAC) rates, we take reliability and dependability seriously. You can count on us to deliver.

Raw Material Long-term Contracts Years Sourcing Raw Material Direct Sourcing from Growers Access to Greater Supply
Celery 30 Years
Carrot 35 Years
Cherry 15 Years
Beet 27 Years
Onion 27 Years
Cucumber 23 Years

The Path to Better Performance and Taste

Whether it’s to help ensure quality food protection or enhance flavor, texture and aroma, FFP’s process begins with high-quality ingredients and ends with your high-quality product.

After careful sourcing and procurement, our raw materials are all processed at our U.S.-based facilities that adhere to strict SQF Level 2 requirements. From juice extraction and concentration to drying, blending, standardizing and packaging — our highly flexible, multi-faceted production facilities ensure a higher quality end product when it comes to fruit and vegetable-based solutions.

Your Personal Artisanal Brewing Partners

FPP offers deep expertise in the development of real brewed tea, herbals and whole-bean coffee extracts. Our proprietary extraction and batch brewing processes ensure the key nutrients, flavors, and compounds contained in our tea leaves, coffee beans, and herbals are protected and retained, resulting in products that are cleaner, clearer, and more consistent.

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Real Works for Real Solutions

At FFP, we’re proud of our proprietary research and product development capabilities. As the pioneer of the original natural cure, our food and beverage experts are continually innovating uses for the goodness that nature provides regularly.

Whether it’s a traditional vegetable with previously unknown food protection and performance capabilities or an herbal nootropic set to take the health and wellness market by storm, our team can help you develop and create the perfect formulation.

Research & Development Worth Every Bite

At FFP, we’re proud of our innovative research and product development capabilities — delivering uniquely natural, functional, and plant-based ingredients to our customers across a variety of industries to provide real solutions. Because at FFP, everything we do is rooted in the belief that real works.

Value-Added Processing Capabilities

Processing Capabilities - Extraction


  • In-house extraction/juicing capabilities 
  • Tea/herbals extraction
Processing Capabilities - Concentration


  • Highly efficient high- and low-temperature evaporation capabilities
Processing Capabilities - Fermentation


  • Expertise in fermentation process for a variety of base materials
  • Batch-to-batch finished product consistency
array of circles powder separation icon


  • Various separation technologies for clarification, concentrating, and isolation of target components
Processing Capabilities - belt drying icon

Vacuum Belt Drying

  • Superior flavor, color, and nutrient retention
  • No carrier required
green blending arrows icon

Dry & Liquid Blending & Packing

  • Custom blending with various concentration levels and particle size capabilities
brewing icon

Closed-continuous Brewing

  • Botanicals, teas, coffee, and herbals
  • Captures delicate top notes

We Put the Quality in Quality Control

When it comes to quality control and regulatory requirements, our quality control team has decades of experience and is trained to help you meet the growing number of regulatory, labeling, and claims requirements that come your way.

Protection & Performance

  • The SQF Institute
  • Quality Certification Services
  • Kosher [Orthodox Union]
  • cGMP
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Flavor & Color

  • SQF
  • Kosher [KOFK]
  • cGMP 
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Teas, Herbals & Coffee Extracts

  • SQF Certified
  • Kosher [KOFK]
  • HAACP 
  • cGMP
  • USDA Organic 
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • RFA certification
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Our Associations

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north american meat institute
southwest meat association
organic trade
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