Innovative VegStable® Secure demonstrates strong performance controlling Listeria monocytogenes and extending shelf life, without compromising on functionality or taste. Now you can protect your brand from pathogens and spoilage to extend its shelf life and keep it safe and secure — naturally, with the power of plants.

Safe & Secure Natural Food Protection

Today, the majority of consumers are opting for simple, natural food ingredients that they recognize and trust. Now, all-natural VegStable® Secure offers you a real game changer in terms of antimicrobial protection. It secures food from pathogens and spoilage organisms by targeting the Listeria and spoilage bacteria that compromise foods’ integrity. With the power of plants, this alternative to vinegar powder blocks microbial growth without changing food’s overall flavor profile. Now, you can improve your product’s overall safety and shelf life and still display a clean, consumer preferred label statement.

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Robust Natural Antimicrobial Solution

Our new VegStable® Secure joins our existing line of all-natural protection and performance products, offering the following features and benefits:

  • Secure products from pathogens and spoilage
  • Extend shelf life and improve food safety, naturally
  • Clean flavor profile with no sensory impact
  • Consumer-preferred, clean label replacement for synthetic antimicrobials
  • Simple, USDA-approved ingredient declaration

Keeping a Variety of Foods Safe and Secure

VegStable® Secure protects a variety of foods from pathogens and spoilage, by inhibiting growth of Listeria monocytogenes. It provides natural antimicrobial protection, with absolutely no sensory impact. Adding VegStable® Secure can help improve shelf life without compromising flavor or functionality.

Use VegStable® Secure in:

  • Uncured turkey
  • Ham
  • Hot dogs
  • Dips & hummus (coming soon)
  • Soups (coming soon)
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Meating the Perfect Match

Our new easy-to-use selection tool helps you quickly find the best solution to your challenges — including protection, shelf-life extension, curing, flavor & texture enhancement, and more.

In just a few clicks, choose the best option from our full range of natural, clean label solutions and systems available for your meat & poultry products.   

Get your answers, now.

Sourcing You Can Trust

Our natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredients produced in the U.S., we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

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