It’s true. Flavor is Everything!™ Taste reigns supreme with consumers, and that’s why our decades of flavor expertise helps support your success. Of course, having a full range of flavors and expert flavorists is key to developing vegan, natural, and organic flavors — but it takes even more to get you to market ahead of the rest. 

How do we do it? We start by listening to your brand goals and challenges. Then, our highly creative flavorists and applications team members work collaboratively to bring you ideas that are not only inspired, but executable. With your end application and commercial scalability in mind, we work with speed, agility, and flexibility to deliver consistently high-quality solutions, on time and on budget.

Flavor Expertise

We pull out all the stops to provide the ultimate flavor and taste when developing our vegan, natural, and organic options for your food and beverage products. Our flavor matching and modulation expertise covers everything from a full range of traditional flavors to creating the new and exciting, on-trend profiles today’s consumers are hungry — and thirsty — for.

flavor expertise
flavor applications

Flavor Applications

We cater to a full array of channels, with a focus on beverage, nutrition, and health and wellness. We understand that different applications have different challenges that require different solutions. We deliver targeted solutions for beverages, adult alternative beverages, nutrition products, baked goods and more, by leveraging our leading-edge flavor technology and trend-driven innovations.

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Flavor Technology

Great taste and flavor are essential for your product to wow consumers. Beyond expertise and quality raw materials, great flavor requires effective technology as well. From enhancing desirable flavor nuances to masking undesirable flavors, there’s a science behind the art of flavor creation. Our team puts our flavor technologies to work to address every aspect of the flavor experience, including mouthfeel.

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Flavor Collections

Our custom flavor collections offer popular flavor profiles that make your innovation easier. Choose from traditional or trend-forward tropical flavors for refreshing beverages, or pick a floral profile to highlight your next-generation better-for-you product. Or, our indulgent caramel and cocoa collections are the perfect choice for indulgent comfort food profiles.

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