From pioneering natural meat cure ingredients and natural antioxidants to mastering the craft of flavorful and functional beverage ingredients, FFP’s products work hard to provide innovative clean label solutions across the food and beverage industry. Simply put, we are dedicated to “Real,” “Simple,” and “Better” in everything we do, and know your consumers will appreciate the difference.

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Processed & Cured Meat

Our line of plant-based products help you to protect your clean label meat products and retain color and flavor without having to rely on synthetic chemicals or additives.

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Our all-natural beverage ingredient portfolio offers great, refreshing taste consumers demand and the functionality and health benefits they desire.

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Plant-Based Alternatives

FFP’s natural ingredient solutions bring everything you want to protect and improve the taste, texture, color, and juiciness of your clean label meat alternatives, and nothing you don’t.

We Are Clean-Label Problem Solvers

FFP is proud to take on any challenge you face in the clean label food and beverage space. Our offerings include natural and functional alternatives to synthetic meat ingredients, including clean label meat cures, natural cure accelerators, natural phosphate alternatives, and natural antioxidants. We can also help you enhance your products’ functionality, flavor, and color with all-natural fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, fermented vegetable juice concentrates, and a variety of fruit and vegetable powders. We also offer natural, organic, and vegan flavors.

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Sourcing You Can Trust

Our domestic, local inventory of natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredients produced in the U.S., we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

Why FFP?

From our proprietary juice extraction and fermentation to all-natural meat preservation and protection, FFP offers unrivaled expertise in providing nature’s finest ingredients to help you deliver the clean label products today’s consumers seek.

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