It’s time to take the development of your plant-based products to the next level with FFP’s clean, craveable, plant-based ingredient alternatives. Products like VegStable® Plus and our VegCon™ varieties help optimize your plant-based applications and exceed the expectations of your growing and discerning consumer base.

The Secret Ingredient for Improving Meat Alternatives

FFP’s plant-based ingredients like VegStable®Plus and our VegCon™ varieties and vegan flavors can help elevate your meat-substitute products’ texture and overall eating experience, while adding flavor dimension, meatiness and umami, and reducing sodium. 

These customized solutions can also offer naturally-derived colors from simple raw materials to give plant-based patties an authentic appearance in both raw and cooked states. Additional benefits include high solubility and ease of use in your formulation, along with simple ingredient declarations.

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How Our Ingredients Work for You


  • Vegetable concentrates
  • Vegetable powders
  • Fermented vegetable concentrates
  • Fermented vegetable powders

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VegStable® Plus

  • Natural phosphate alternative 
  • Rice bran extract for friendly labeling

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Meet Plant-based Demand

Did You Know?

  • The majority of adults (81%) eat some type of plant-based protein
  • 14% of U.S. adults say they aspire to eat less animal products (e.g. dairy, meat) over the next 12 months, indicating that consumers are mindful of their meat consumption regardless of how they define, or don’t define, their diets
  • “All-natural” is the most compelling catch-all term across all label groups
  • Margins on clean label meat products are double, or triple in some cases, over conventional

Consumers Want Plant-based Proteins with Less Processed Ingredients

As the popularity of meat alternatives continues to skyrocket and the industry struggles to offer new, meat-like clean label options, consumers are leaning toward brands that use whole food ingredients.

  • Over 75% of adults said that ingredient content influences which processed meat alternatives they purchase
  • Over 63% wanted to see more plant-based meat alternatives made with whole food ingredients

Source: Mintel, Plant-Based Proteins – US, May 2021

FFP remains a plant-based pioneer by using the latest research to innovate and help you rise above the competition. Our continuous monitoring of the plant-based-consumer demographic allows us to provide consistent, high-quality ingredients and all-natural protection and performance for imitation meats of all kinds.

We’re Hungry For Your Success

At FFP, we have the expertise to provide customers with nature’s finest ingredients — helping you deliver the clean label, plant-based alternatives for your products that will keep consumers coming back.

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