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Processed & Cured Meat

Cure your clean label meat products and fight pathogens the plant-based way with celery, swiss chard, acerola cherry, and more.

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Our all-natural beverage ingredient portfolio offers great, refreshing taste consumers demand and the functionality and health benefits they desire.

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Plant-based Alternatives

FFP’s plant-based solutions bring everything you want to protect and improve the taste, texture, color, and juiciness of your clean label meat alternatives, and nothing you don’t.

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Protection & Performance

FFP offers highly effective plant-powered antioxidants and replacements for synthetic ingredients including curing agents like sodium nitrate/nitrite, chemical-based accelerators, antioxidants like BHA and BHT, and phosphates, providing unrivaled improvements in shelf life, moisture retention, flavor, and color.

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Fruit & Vegetable Concentrates

Our carefully crafted fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and powders, including innovative lacto-fermented vegetable varieties, bring dynamic flavor and natural color to a range of food, beverage, health and wellness, culinary, and pet nutrition applications.

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Teas, Herbals & Coffee Extracts

From green, black and white teas to herbals and whole-bean coffee extracts — our caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverage ingredients are sourced and formulated for optimal flavor, color and to provide a dynamic range of health and wellness benefits.

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Vegan, Natural & Organic Flavors

Whether it’s a simple standard flavor or a complex masking system, we have the expertise and innovative passion to provide our clients with just the right flavor and solution. FFP specializes in engineering proprietary flavor technologies customized to meet each client’s unique clean label or organic needs.

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Why FFP?

From our proprietary tea, coffee, and juice extraction to all-natural meat performance and protection, FFP offers unrivaled expertise in providing nature’s finest ingredients to help you deliver the clean label products today’s consumers seek.

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Supporting Our Growing Partners

Our domestic, local inventory of plant-based ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredients produced in the U.S., we control the entire process to ensure access to the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

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The Latest

From clean label food and beverage innovations to trade events and business growth, find out what’s keeping us busy at FFP.

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True to Our Roots

We’ve been creating healthy food and beverage ingredients since 1954. Learn all about our history here.

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For a Healthier Product Line

We help our partners offer cleaner and healthier products using nature’s finest ingredients.

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Interested in our vegetable and fruit ingredients? Contact us for available varieties, formulation assistance, or a sample.

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