At Florida Food Products, we provide our customers with nature’s finest ingredients to help them deliver the clean label products today’s consumers demand.

From juice extraction to concentration, fermentation, membrane filtration, drying, blending, standardization, and packaging, Florida Food Products operates a highly flexible, multi-faceted production facility. Every step of our processes adheres to strict SQF Level 2 requirements, ensuring the safest, highest quality ingredients.

Supply Chain

Our natural ingredients are carefully sourced from grower partners that we know and trust.  Raw material inconsistencies and availability can create challenges with ingredient quality and reliability of supply, so we leverage our long-term, domestic grower relationships to provide our customers with uniform, in-spec ingredients throughout the year.

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FFP has decades of expertise in, and has spent significant time and capital optimizing, the global procurement of plant-based, natural / clean label inputs.

  • Secured year-round access to vegetables with redundant sources of supply
  • Longstanding, often contractual, relationships with growers of celery, beets, onions, carrots, and cucumbers, geographically dispersed throughout the Americas
Raw Material Long-term Contracts Years Sourcing Raw Material Direct Sourcing from Growers Access to Greater Supply
Celery 30 Years
Carrot 35 Years
Cherry 15 Years
Beet 27 Years
Onion 27 Years
Cucumber 23 Years
raw mushrooms being sorted and washer

Gentle Processing

After careful sourcing, raw materials are processed in our U.S. facilities. Here, our state of the art vacuum belt drying systems preserve product color and flavor better than traditional high-temperature drying systems, ensuring a higher quality end product.

Added Value Processing Capabilities

Processing Capabilities - Extraction


  • In-house juicing capabilities
  • Allows broad access to fresh crops
Processing Capabilities - Concentration


  • Highly efficient high and low temperature evaporation capability
Processing Capabilities - Fermentation


  • Expertise in fermentation process for a variety of base materials
  • Batch-to-batch finished product consistency
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  • Various separation technologies for clarification, concentrating, and removal of target components
Processing Capabilities - belt drying icon

Vacuum Belt Drying

  • Superior flavor, color & nutrient retention
  • No carrier required
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Dry & Liquid Blending & Packing

  • Custom blending with various concentration levels and particle size capabilities

Quality Control and Regulatory Requirements

Our quality control team has decades of food processing experience and is trained to meet the growing number of regulatory requirements our customers must meet, including:

  • The SQF Institute
  • Quality Certification Services
  • Kosher
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
  • USDA Organic certification
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
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In addition to our processing and regulatory expertise, we are available to help our customers create cleaner and healthier products. Contact us for formulation assistance or a sample.

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