At FFP, we recognize that today’s consumers are seeking out convenient and delicious ways to integrate more fruits and vegetables into their daily diets. And with an increasing focus on overall wellness, fruit and vegetable concentrates and powders can help you create clean label products that taste and look great without the synthetics.

For over 65 years, FFP has been creating plant-based ingredients that promise natural flavor, color and functional benefits. From fermented mushroom, beet, and carrot varieties to raspberry and other fruit options, we can help you identify the best ingredients and usage rates for a range of applications including beverage, plant-based alternatives, health and wellness, culinary, and even pet food.

vegcon salad dressing


Our VegCon™ products provide a portfolio of gently evaporated vegetable juice concentrates that are sourced, formulated, and produced with the utmost care. Working with our trusted grower partners, we proactively plan and source crops during peak harvesting times to ensure our products deliver the ideal natural flavor, color, and nutritional and functional benefits for your applications.

Our vegetable concentrates can offer:

  • Natural flavor and flavor enhancement including sweet, savory, and umami
  • Vibrant natural color
  • Enhanced mouthfeel
  • Transparent labeling
  • Nutritional and functional benefits including antioxidant and other nutrient delivery

VegCon™ vegetable juice concentrate varieties include:

  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Mushroom
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Green bell pepper
  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • VegBlend™ 7
  • Mirepoix

Fermented Concentrates and Powders

Our lacto-fermented VegCon™ line of beet, mushroom and carrot concentrates and VegDry™ beet and carrot powders are perfectly crafted for the growing consumer interest in fermented foods and beverages. They deliver richer flavor profiles in applications like plant-based meats, savory soups and sauces, functional beverages and supplements, and more.  

Our customers also use VegCon™ and VegDry™ to attain a more vibrant color which helps them give their product an aesthetic appeal and more premium appearance.


A concentrated blend of juices designed to deliver authentic vegetable flavor notes, the VegBlend™ line of products are ideal for use in beverages and in soups and sauces. To perfect the vegetable blend concentrates, we use carefully sourced produce to ensure ultimate quality. Our combination of carrot, celery, beet and various greens is crafted to provide the basis for a satisfying blended vegetable beverage, while our mirepoix can play an integral role in a variety of culinary applications.

vegdry juice


Our VegDry™ products capture the goodness of nature and vegetables in powdered form. Vacuum dried to retain peak flavor, color, and nutrient levels, our powders are sourced, formulated, and produced with the utmost care. Generally not requiring maltodextrin as a carrier agent, these powders have instantly dispersible crystals, allowing you to create better clean label food and beverages without compromising on taste or ease of use.

juicedry beet juice


When it comes to providing the benefits and functionality of fruit in clean powdered form, our JuiceDry™ products are sure to please. Working with our trusted growing partners, we source our fruit at peak harvest, with priority on capturing maximum flavor, color, and nutritional value. Like our vegetable powders, our JuiceDry™ products are vacuum dried to provide fruit powders that are highly soluble in addition to being delicious, colorful, and functional. Our JuiceDry™ varieties include raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, strawberry, pineapple, and more. 

Sourcing You Can Trust

Our natural ingredients are carefully sourced from grower partners we know and trust. Raw material inconsistencies and availability can create challenges with ingredient quality and reliability of supply, so we leverage our long-term grower relationships to provide our customers with uniform, in-spec ingredients throughout the year.

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processing mushrooms

Processing Capabilities

From extraction to drying, our gentle processing capabilities result in a higher-quality end product for our customers.

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