Control oxidation and protect your meat’s overall appeal without relying on chemical additives like BHA/BHT. VegStable® Fresh clean label antioxidants are crafted from compounds inherently found in nature, allowing for a simpler label while improving shelf life and maintaining the fresh color and flavor of your meat products. For greater function and enduring flavor, trust VegStable® Fresh.

Our Plants Can Be Very Protective

Along with a flavor and appearance that say “fresh”, a cleaner label with purposeful ingredients are all true differentiators with today’s consumers. That’s where VegStable® Fresh comes in. Our experts have optimized the utilization of key molecules from our carefully sourced green tea, rosemary and acerola cherry to maintain your meat’s original integrity without relying on chemicals. No chemicals, less spoilage, more consumer appeal. That’s a win, win, win.

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The Many Pros of Our Antioxidants

VegStable® Fresh not only meets current market demands for clean label and quality products, it also offers the following features and benefits:

  • Shelf-life extension and rancidity prevention
  • Naturally maintain color and flavor
  • Ease of use; add directly to meat, marinade or seasoning blends
  • Broad portfolio for a wide range of processing scenarios
  • Sourcing from preferred growers
  • Captive source of key raw materials
  • Optimized systems available for maximum antioxidant efficacy

Appeal to All Senses. Especially the Common One.

Extend shelf life and ensure the lasting appeal of your meat products with the chemical-free, clean label antioxidant alternative. VegStable® Fresh inclusion in fresh pork sausage and cooked pork sausage has shown proven efficiency in protecting against oxidation. Soon, VegStable® Fresh will bring its natural antioxidant properties to a full array of meat applications for consumer-demanded clean label solutions.

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Meating the Perfect Match

Our new easy-to-use selection tool helps you quickly find the best solution to your challenges — including protection, shelf-life extension, curing, flavor & texture enhancement, and more.

In just a few clicks, choose the best option from our full range of natural, clean label solutions and systems available for your meat & poultry products.   

Get your answers, now.

Sourcing You Can Trust

Our natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredients produced in the U.S., we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

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