FFP is proud to provide processed and cured meat suppliers with clean label alternatives to a variety of artificial additives, including sodium nitrite/nitrate, sodium erythorbate, chemical phosphates, chemical antioxidants, and synthetic lactates and diacetates. These powerful, plant-based functional ingredients provide unrivaled performance and protection. We use only nature’s finest ingredients, including celery as a meat-curing agent and natural antimicrobial, Swiss chard as a meat-curing agent, acerola cherries as natural cure accelerators and antioxidants, green tea and rosemary as antioxidants, and rice bran extract to improve moisture retention and eating experience. As such, FFP continues to drive innovation in the processed meat industry by offering the most consistent, high-quality all-natural ingredients.

Take Your Meat to the Next Level

FFP’s comprehensive portfolio of clean label ingredients — VegStable® Natural Cure and natural cure accelerators, VegStable® Plus natural phosphate alternative, VegStable® Fresh natural antioxidants, and VegStable® Secure natural antimicrobials — are the plant-powered way to protect your clean label meat products.

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How Our Ingredients Work for You

VegStable® Natural Cure 

  • Celery- or Swiss chard-derived cure
  • Acerola cherry cure accelerator

VegStable® Plus 

  • Natural alternative to chemical phosphates, starches, gums, phosphates, and carrageenan
  • Rice bran extract for friendly labeling

VegStable® Fresh 

  • Natural antioxidant alternative
  • Plant-based: rosemary, green tea and acerola cherry

VegStable® Secure 

  • Protect against pathogens & spoilage with celery
  • Improve food safety & extend shelf life

See how your brand can achieve ultimate performance and protection with nature-derived ingredients optimized for various applications.

Meat That Meets Demand

As more consumers become clean label aware, the appeal of natural meat cure ingredients strongly outweighs artificial additives. And with more and more clean label meat providers seeking to switch to clean label phosphate replacements, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of FFP’s powerful product lineup — designed to deliver the great looking and tasting products discriminating consumers expect.

Ingredients that Matter

  • Consumers continue to enjoy high-protein foods for snacks and meals but are looking for better-for-you options without artificial ingredients
  • The majority of consumers across the user spectrum (heavy clean label, medium clean label, and non-clean label users) want meat products with easy to understand ingredients, ingredients they recognize, and no artificial ingredients
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The Power of Labels and Packaging

  • “All natural” and “no artificial ingredients” are the most compelling catch-all terms for packaged and processed meat across all user groups
  • The majority of users studied said that the inclusion of synthetic phosphates could prevent them from purchasing a packaged or processed meat product
  • The profit margins on clean label meat products can be significantly higher than those for conventional meat products — consumers are willing to pay more

Source: FFP proprietary research

Partner with the Plant-based Professionals

At FFP, we have the expertise to provide you with real ingredients from nature that work — helping you deliver the clean label meat products today’s consumers seek. Because at FFP, everything we do is rooted in the belief that real works.

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