VegCon™ vegetable concentrates are sourced, formulated, and produced with the utmost care. With our customers’ goals in mind, we source local crops at peak harvesting times for ideal flavor, color, and nutrition.

VegCon Product Code Solids (Brix) Flavor Color Nutrition
Beet 152, 158 65, 45
Fermented Beet 181 65
Carrot 101, 102, 108, 119 42, 60, 40
Fermented Carrot 183 65
Celery 129 45
Cucumber 145 45
Green Bell Pepper 288 45
Onion 123, 127, 118 45, 60, 70
Mushroom 155 45
Fermented Mushroom 185 65
Spinach 250 45
VegBlend™ 7 286 29
Mirepoix 320, 327, 385, 386, 387 40, 45, 70, 60

VegCon™ Vegetable Concentrates

glass of bright purple beet juice


  • Healthy halo & natural nitrates
  • Vibrant color
  • Delivers classic beetroot flavor

Fermented Beet

  • Nutritional Halo – Nitrate delivery
  • Versatility – performs well in both sweet & savory applications
  • High ionone value – nicely compliments red berries
  • Vibrant color & clean flavor
  • Labeled as “fermented beet concentrate” or “natural flavor”
  • Available with standardized nitrate content
fresh picked carrots with green tops


  • Vibrant orange color
  • Pleasing tangy, fruity flavor
  • Added benefits of beta carotene

Fermented Carrot

  • Bright color & vibrant flavor
  • Delivers mouthfeel, generates color swirl
  • Labeled as “fermented carrot concentrate” or “natural flavor”
  • Naturally sweet, balanced carrot impact
  • Beta-Carotene/antioxidant delivery
fresh picked mushrooms in a basket

Fermented Mushroom

  • Increased nucleotides level means it’s ideal for the replacement of flavor-enhancing ingredients including Autolyzed Yeast Extract & MSG as well for sodium reduction
  • Labeled as “fermented mushroom concentrate” or “natural flavor”
  • Delivers color and mild mushroom/savory flavor


  • Crisp, clean flavor
  • Pleasing natural color
  • Healthy halo
close up of sliced cucumbers


  • Fresh & authentic taste
  • Great for use in hydration beverages and dressings


  • Rich sweet flavor
  • Enhances and compliments flavors in soups, sauces, and dressings
close up of the top of a red pepper

Red Bell Pepper

  • Rich natural color
  • Superb red bell pepper flavor delivery


  • Authentic spinach color and flavor
  • Useful in both savory and health and wellness-oriented applications

VegCon™ Vegetable Concentrate Blends

pile of diced onions carrots and celery


  • Classic blend of carrot, celery, and onion
  • Flavor building block for culinary applications such as soups, stocks, and sauces

VegDry™ 7

  • Combination of carrot, beet, and various greens
  • Just add tomato powder to create a dry blended version of the classic vegetable beverage

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