FFP knows that when it comes to beverage development and innovation, taste still reigns supreme. That said, as more and more consumers choose beverage products based on their desire for clean labels and health and wellness benefits, the functionality of these products is becoming equally important. 

FFP’s clean label beverage ingredient portfolio provides a variety of functional benefits, all while providing great, refreshing taste. From tea extracts, herbal extracts and coffee extracts, and concentrates to fermented vegetable juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable juice powders, and natural flavors, FFP has everything beverage manufacturers like you need to make delicious beverage products that will keep consumers coming back for more.

More Boost for Your Beverage

The beverage industry is evolving every day. The work landscape has shifted from prompting more AFH (away from home) usage occasions in the morning dayparts to afternoon pick-me-ups for remote workers both AFH and at home. 

The evolution of usage occasions has also led to an evolution in the factors important to consumers in the beverage selection process.

Factors Consumers Favor When Selecting Non-alcoholic Beverages:1

Tea in glass next to statistics bubble

Top Consumer Purchase Drivers
(Tea Beverages)2

Tea and Coffee Solutions that Fit Your Needs

FFP knows real brewing. With a dedicated team of brewed beverage experts, we can help you formulate refreshing teas, tea-based beverages, and coffee-based beverages to provide the optimal taste and performance your consumers are seeking.

Our real brewed teas, tea and coffee extracts, and herbal extracts are all artisanally crafted to offer the perfect blend of high-quality flavor and functionality.

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Whole Bean Extracts for Coffee and More

With consumers expanding their coffee horizons into RTD lattes, cold and nitro brews, and carbonated beverages, you need to unlock coffee’s pure flavor, functionality, and aroma to deliver the very best.

At FFP, we believe in the real, simple, better nature of coffee extracts created from whole coffee beans. Our proprietary roasting and brewing process and team of brewed beverages experts work together to create the finest extracts and flavors available, so you can deliver only the best beverages to your customers and consumers – including expertise in conventional brew, cold brew, and flash brew.

We offer:

  • Single origin
  • Arabica
  • Roasts
    • Dark
    • Medium
    • Light 
    • French
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Flavor & Functionality from Formula to Final SipTM

Our beverage ingredients and innovations are just as functional as they are flavorful. Depending on the beverage application, our unique product lines can offer immunity and digestive support, energy and improved cognitive function and/or stress relief — all while providing and preserving rich flavor profiles consumers will love.

Our brewed beverage experts can help you develop the next functional beverage bestseller with combinations of tea and herbal extracts and concentrates, fruit and vegetable concentrates, including fermented vegetable varieties, and more.

At FFP, we help you take beverages from a spark in a meeting to successful commercialization. With unparalleled experience in beverage concepting, ingredient sourcing, formulation optimization for specific claims and labelling, development of beverage kits, and production at scale, we can help you create a repeatable process and product that will take your business to new levels.

Beverage Ingredients With Benefits

FFP is proud to offer a variety of deliciously refreshing beverage ingredients and concepts to meet a variety of taste profiles, while providing a wide range of health and wellness benefits, like:

  • Immunity support
  • Digestive health 
  • Energy
  • Stress relief and cognitive health
  • Weight management
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Brewed to Keep Consumers Coming Back

Consumers are buying more all-natural tea and juice drinks than ever today, with a high prioritization of natural products containing less sugar and those that promote physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Healthy Hydration

  • Consumers are looking for products to help them proactively and actively manage hydration without unfamiliar ingredients, colors, preservatives and sugar3
  • From sparkling water and functional sodas to teas and fermented juices, consumers want beverage options that taste great, meet their dietary needs, and deliver functional benefits4

Reduced Sugar

  • 55% of consumers stated they would like to reduce their consumption of sugar in the coming year5
sugar reduction stats


  • The most popular functional beverage remains energy drinks with 34% of energy drink consumers looking for natural sources of caffeine or caffeine alternatives6
  • Coffee and tea remain in high demand with consumers who want cleaner offerings that taste great and offer boosted functionality
  • Consumers are also seeking RTD energy options beyond the core tea and coffee offerings including: lattes with alternative “milks”, nitro and cold brews, sports drinks with caffeine and other natural energy sources, kombuchas/fermented juices, and broader carbonated options
beverage immunity stats


  • Sales of food and beverage products touting immune health grew over 25% in 2020 with over 31% of consumers currently consuming immune-boosting food and beverage products. Growth is expected to continue.7
  • 44% of consumers said they wanted to increase their consumption of immune boosting foods, 38% wanted to increase consumption of antioxidants, and 31% wanted to increase consumption of probiotics8

Digestive Health

  • One in three consumers is trying to manage digestive problems 9, with one in five dealing with digestive issues daily  
  • Functional beverages with prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and antioxidants may help support the gut microbiome, reduce digestive distress, and encourage overall digestive health

Stress Reduction & Management

  • The relaxation beverage market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 12% in the U.S. between 2021 and 202610
  • More than 18% of the U.S. population is impacted by anxiety each year10
  • Consumers are on the lookout for natural foods and beverages that can provide calming effects through adaptogens like L-Theanine11
  • Looking for ways to create relaxation rituals and calm on-the-go, real brewed teas and herbals chalk full of antioxidants, adaptogens, and other calming agents are poised to continue to be the go-to for consumers

Cognitive Health

  • As consumers continue to look for ways to improve their lives, increase day-to-day functioning and performance, and guard their mental and cognitive health, the demand for food and beverages that can potentially provide such assistance continues to grow12
  • Nootropics like those found in antioxidant-rich teas and herbals (like green tea and yerba mate) may help improve memory, focus, creativity, motivation, and clarity and 20% of consumers studied would choose a beverage with such claims over others (and 30% of 18-34 year olds)13
beverage stress reduction stats

Fortunately for you, FFP offers deep expertise in artisanal brewing, formulating and kitting high-quality beverage solutions that address these trends and more. Whether we’re creating ultra-functional tea-based beverages or great-tasting coffee extracts, FFP keeps its finger on the pulse of the beverage industry’s many corners as we continue to customize our beverage solutions to meet the needs of beverage developers, brands, and consumers.

 How Our Ingredients Work for You

Partner with the Beverage Industry’s Best

At FFP, we offer the expertise required to provide customers with nature’s finest ingredients — helping them deliver the clean label beverage products that provide the industry-leading functionality and taste today’s consumers seek.

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