Whether you’re looking for the best green, black, white and herbal tea ingredients or whole-bean coffee extracts, Florida Food Products has a beverage solution tailored to your needs and consumers’ interests. As both caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverage sales continue to boom, FFP is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the trend of consumers seeking better-for-you options, keeping you at the forefront of innovation and in the view of your target demos.

Beverage Solutions with Universal Appeal

More and more, consumers are looking for functional products to help them navigate the challenges of day-to-day life, with an objective to eat and drink healthier than before. This trend is only expected to grow. 

Consumers are prioritizing mental health and well-being at rates previously unseen, suggesting an opportunity for more messaging and marketing around these benefits. Tea and coffee are both products consumers view with a health halo, suggesting they can meet a variety of physical and emotional needs. FFP offers deep expertise in artisanal brewing, formulating and kitting high-quality caffeinated and non-caffeinated herbal beverage solutions that address these trends and more.

And now, we’re offering even more beverage solutions by adding Javo to the FFP family.

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70% bar chart
26% bar chart

70% of tea drinkers and 26% of non-tea drinkers are interested in innovative tea products, presenting a huge swath of the market who is open to trial.

Source: Tea and RTD Tea: Including Impact of COVID-19, Mintel Group, August 2020

With many of these trends expected to continue, the RTD tea segment should evaluate opportunities to address changing consumer behaviors and shift from targeting consumer impulsivity on-the-go to integrating RTD teas and functional beverages into habitual behaviors at home.

Whether we’re creating ultra-functional teas or whole-bean coffee extracts, FFP keeps its finger on the pulse of the beverage industry as we continue to customize our solutions to meet the needs of beverage developers and the demand of consumers.

Great Tasting & Good For
You Too

Our better-for-you ingredients allow you to incorporate clearer, simpler claims onto your packaging for maximum transparency — meeting the growing expectations of retailers and regulators as well as the demands of consumers. FFP’s all-natural ingredients allow you to meet your clean label goals for your RTD teas and let your customers know you care about the consistent quality of your products.

In addition, FFP’s portfolio of tea ingredients and coffee extracts provide an array of health and wellness benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Immunity support
  • Digestive health
  • Increased energy
  • Stress relief and cognitive health
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Real Brewed Tea

From extensively oxidized black teas to de-enzymed green tea extracts — our variety of tea ingredients and concepts are sourced and formulated for optimal flavor, color and functionality.

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Herbals & Coffee Extracts

Whether you’re looking for yerba mate or coffee extracts, FFP offers the latest innovations in all-natural beverage ingredients — all with great taste and a dynamic range of health and wellness benefits.

Brewed for Optimal Functionality

Much like FFP’s fruit and vegetable concentrates and powders, our innovative tea ingredients and coffee extracts are just as functional as they are flavorful. Depending on the beverage application, our unique and diverse product line can offer immunity and digestive support, energy and improved cognitive function and/or stress relief — all while providing and preserving rich flavor profiles consumers will love.

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Why FFP?

From the development of all-natural tea and coffee extracts to plant-based meat preservation and protection, FFP offers unrivaled expertise in providing customers with nature’s finest ingredients to help them deliver the clean label products today’s consumers want.

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Research & Development Worth Every Sip

From fruit juices to herbal tea extracts, we’re proud of our innovative research and product development capabilities — delivering uniquely functional, plant-based ingredients and innovative beverage concepts to our customers across a variety of industries to provide real solutions. Because at FFP, everything we do is rooted in the belief that real works.

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