Consumers favor foods and beverages that look and taste great. However, ingredients that have traditionally been responsible for these qualities — namely artificial flavors and colors — are increasingly keeping consumers away.

For over 60 years, Florida Food Products has been creating fruit and vegetable ingredients that provide natural flavor and color for food, beverage, and pet care client partners. For brands seeking to meet the demand for clean label statements, look no further than our natural ingredients. In addition to providing flavor and color, our fruit and vegetable ingredients are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Gently Evaporated Juice Concentrates

We offer two categories of juice concentrates:

vegetable beet juice
vegetable carrot juice

Vacuum‐Dried Powder Ingredients

For applications requiring dry ingredients, we offer two platforms of free-flowing, instantly soluble powders:

dry vegetable powders
juice dry powder

Fermented Powders and Concentrates

Plant-based options that deliver color and flavor:

Fermented Concentrates & Powders

Supporting our growing partners

Our natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust. From raw material to finished ingredient, we control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible.

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farmer walking in green field
fresh greens drying in the sun

Processing capabilities

From extraction to drying, our gentle processing capabilities result in a higher-quality end product for our customers.

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Interested in our vegetable and fruit ingredients? Contact us for available varieties, formulation assistance, or a sample.

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