We are proud to be at the forefront of flavor technology. Our R&D team and our next-generation research laboratory are dedicated to innovation, ideation, and exploration. We specialize in engineering proprietary flavor technologies that mask, enhance, replace or create desired mouthfeel appropriate for a wide array of applications that deliver the natural taste profiles consumers want. These technologies are customized to uniquely suit individual client specifications.

Flavor Expertise

Successful flavor technology is essential, but should be invisible to the end product, where only the flavor — and the label — shine through. Flavor expertise is where science meets art, combining the technology of taste and the finesse of flavor. We have the expertise and ingenuity to capture flavor, create new sensations, and deliver bold flavor profiles that make your product stand out from the rest.

flavor expertise
flavor maskers


Consumers want foods and beverages that provide functional benefits, with ingredients like proteins, vitamins and minerals. They also are looking to lower their sugar intake, with high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia. But many of these ingredients have undesirable or overpowering off flavors. Problem solved, with our selection of bitterness maskers, stevia maskers, acid maskers, and sodium maskers.

flavor enhancers


Reducing sugar or sodium content typically would correspond with a loss of sweetness or flavor, without the use of sweetness enhancing and salt enhancing ingredients. Sweetness enhancers have no sweetness of their own, but enhance the perception of sweetness in other ingredients. Salt enhancers boost savory notes, much as sodium does, so that taste isn’t compromised when sodium is reduced.

Sweet or salty, we help you find the perfect balance.

mouthfeel flavors

Mouthfeel Flavors

There is more to the eating and drinking experience than flavor alone. The sensations created by food or drink in the mouth, mouthfeel contributes another level of enjoyment to the complete experience. From the body of a beverage to the texture of different foods, the perfect mouthfeel can be elusive, especially when reducing or removing sugars or fats, including dairy. We have the expertise to help create the perfect mouthfeel and flavor release.

flavor replacers


Sodium and MSG have long been known to enhance the eating experience by bringing a umami taste, enhancing sweetness, or blocking bitterness, but today’s consumers often look to avoid both. We offer a variety of MSG replacers and salt replacers. Our MSG replacers can provide savory umami notes, while our salt replacers can help enhance flavor, improve texture, facilitate processing or increase shelf life.

alcohol flavors

Alcohol Flavors

Beverage consumers are experimenting with different types of alcohol consumption, depending on a variety of motivational factors. Low-alcohol options like hard seltzers have captured attention. No matter what, flavor carries the day. We craft an assortment of familiar flavors such as rum, gin, vodka and tequila, as well as exotic flavors and everything in between, for these spirited beverages that include ready-to-serve cocktails to liquor and liqueurs.

Alcohol Burn Mimicking Flavors

Today, cocktail hour is likely to include a range of beverages, from the traditional alcoholic adult beverages to mocktails and more. Sober-curious consumers want to experience the same color, equally complex flavor, and novelty as they do with traditional cocktails. Our alcohol burn-mimicking flavors capture attributes of alcoholic drinks — including spice, bite, bitterness, or malty sweetness — for innovative, convincing mocktails.

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