Our capabilities serve a variety of applications, with a focus on beverages, adult alternative beverages, nutritional and health and wellness products, baked goods, and more. Formulating for functionality and great taste is a challenge we love to solve. Functionalities such as sugar reduction and protein enhancement can create unique challenges in different applications, and we understand them all. We find the perfect solution for the functionality and flavor of your application, with our innovative solutions.

beverage flavors


Beverages are no longer mere thirst quenchers. Today’s consumers expect function and great flavor from the beverages they drink daily, from morning pick-me-ups to soothing nightcaps. We understand the challenges of formulating these varying beverage options and offer solutions that include beverage ingredients with benefits like clean energy or sweetness enhancers for low-sugar applications. Add our flavor expertise in trending berry, tropical and floral flavors, and you’ve got a great beverage.  

Offering expertise in:

  • Hydration-focused beverages
  • Teas & coffees
  • Functional beverages

Adult Alternative Beverage

Consumers’ thirst for premium experiences is driving the growth of adult beverages. From complex flavor profiles to unique ingredients to low- or no-alcohol options, consumers are opting for more variety than ever before in the adult beverages they drink. We apply our flavor expertise to our full line of TTB- approved flavors and alcohol burn-mimicking flavors in order to create premium, complex and on-trend flavor profiles.

Offering expertise in: 

  • Spirits
  • RTD cocktails & seltzers
  • Mixers
  • Low-alcohol 
  • Mocktails
beverage nutrition


Consumers have never been more focused on nutrition and its effect on their health and wellness. They expect a lot out of their food and beverage choices and are in search of added functionality, from added protein to natural caffeine options. We have a full range of flavor maskers, mouthfeel enhancers, and sweetness enhancers to overcome any undesirable attributes that come with nutritional enhancement.

Offering expertise in: 

  • High-protein products
  • Caffeinated options
  • Low-fat versions
  • Reduced sugar offerings

Baked Goods

Baked goods have come a long way from grandma’s kitchen, with consumers demanding options that fit their eating preferences, from keto to high-protein to reduced sugar options. We understand the demands on today’s bakery market. We also know how to deliver great-tasting options — especially using our brown flavor and berry flavor solutions — to entice consumers’ taste buds. 

Offering expertise in:

  • Snack bars
  • Sweet baked goods
  • Snacks

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