FFP Invites IFT23 Attendees to Relax, Refresh, and Rejuvenate

“Taste the Trend™” with FFP menu of clean label concepts

LAKE MARY, FL, July 13, 2023 — Florida Food Products (FFP), a leader in clean label food and beverage ingredient solutions, is showcasing its portfolio of functional and innovative ingredients at the Institute of Food Technologists 2023 Annual Meeting and Exposition (IFT23), July 17-19, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Expo attendees who visit FFP booth #S0400 can ‘Taste the Trend™’ with a sampling menu that includes the latest clean label concepts created especially for the show. FFP is committed to providing innovative clean label solutions and offers a portfolio of ingredients that naturally provides exceptional food protection, flavor, color, and texture for a variety of applications.

“Our team is excited to meet with IFT attendees and discuss how FFP’s innovative ingredient portfolio can help the industry create a new generation of delicious clean label products that today’s consumers demand,” said Nina Hughes, VP Marketing, FFP. “Our portfolio has expanded significantly since FFP’s acquisition of Javo Beverages, a natural extractor of clean label coffee, tea, and botanicals with a focus on beverage applications. The addition of Javo allows us to deliver best-in-class, clean label solutions. We also recently launched VegStable® Secure, a new natural ingredient solution, which harnesses the power of plants to eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients used to protect and enhance a variety of meat and poultry products. And our high-potency, natural ingredients from our human nutrition portfolio offer functional benefits such as clean energy to help consumers embrace better health and wellness.”

“Taste the Trend™” at IFT booth #S0400 and experience how FFP ingredient solutions address protection, performance, and flavor needs for food and beverage products. FFP’s menu of food and beverage innovations created for IFT23 include:

  • Cold Brew Soft Serve — Treat yourself to Javo’s Cold Brew Soft Serve, and don’t forget to drizzle FFP’s Orange Blossom-Flavored Caramel Sauce or Speculoos Spiced Biscuit-Flavored Chocolate Sauce for an extra sweet treat!
  • Lavender Cold Brew — Get focused with Javo’s naturally derived and certified clean label Lavender-Flavored Cold Brew. Javo’s extracts offer superior quality and a clean label with a premium taste that meets the rising demand for high-quality cold brew beverages.
  • Nitro Coffee — Rejuvenate with Javo’s Nitro Coffee, cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas that offers a perfect balance of taste and creamy mouthfeel.
  • Watermelon Basil White Tea Mocktail — Cheers to IFT! Try this refreshing mocktail and get inspired for your next happy hour!
  • Fermented Carrot Passion Fruit Chamomile Beverage with L-theanine — Refreshing and clean, this beverage contains L-theanine, a nootropic gaining popularity for its ability to increase mental focus without the negative effects of caffeine.
  • Cascara and Apple Cinnamon Beverage — Cascara, the coffee cherry, provides a bright and fruity flavor and is high in flavonoids and fiber.
  • Chicken Breast — This chicken breast delivers a more tender, flavorful, and juicy bite with FFP’s VegStable® Plus rice bran extract, an all-natural alternative to synthetic phosphates.
  • Deli Turkey Breast — This deli meat staple features VegStable® Secure, FFP’s new and completely natural antimicrobial solution. By harnessing the goodness of nature, VegStable® Secure naturally protects foods from spoilage and pathogens without compromising flavor or functionality.
  • Summer Sausage — An FFP classic, this tasty sausage features VegStable® Natural Cure, VegStable® Plus, and VegStable® Fresh plant-based products for natural protection, and improved texture and flavor.
  • Pepperoni — Control oxidation and protect your product without relying on chemicals. This pepperoni features VegStable® Natural Cure and VegStable® Fresh that act as natural antioxidants, improving shelf life and maintaining fresh color and flavor.

Hughes added, “We look forward to attendees trying our latest prototypes that include nature’s finest ingredients to satisfy consumers’ interests in functionality and health. With clean label solutions that naturally provide exceptional food protection, yield improvement, flavor, color, clean energy, and more, FFP is here to inspire the industry with new offerings that deliver the great-tasting food and beverages that today’s consumers will love.”

FFP helps improve the food, beverages, and supplements we consume by producing real ingredients from nature that work. Visit IFT23 booth #S0400 to discover more about how FFP’s innovative research and product development capabilities deliver uniquely natural, functional, and plant-based ingredients to customers across a variety of industries to provide real solutions or visit http://floridafood.com.


About FFP

Florida Food Products, Inc. (FFP) has offered a portfolio of healthy, naturally sourced plant-based food and beverage ingredient solutions for over 65 years. Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, FFP has manufacturing capabilities including extraction, fermentation, drying, and blending technologies, with facilities in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Oregon, and California. FFP is committed to providing innovative clean label solutions that provide exceptional food protection, flavor, color, texture, and yield improvement for a variety of applications, including processed and cured meat, beverages, plant-based, health and wellness, culinary, and pet nutrition. FFP believes in improving the food and beverages we eat and drink with ingredients from nature that work. Learn more about how FFP’s natural ingredients can help elevate your next food or beverage while meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumer at www.floridafood.com.