Saturday, February 24, 2018

Standard & Clarified Vegetable Juice Concentrates:
Veg Con vegetable concentrates are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and, trace elements required for good health. Manufactured during peak harvest times to retain fresh flavor, natural colors, our concentrates provide all the nutritional benefits associated with fresh vegetables. Our gentle, cold evaporation and concentration processes deliver a vegetable concentrate that provides intensified vegetable flavors and nutrition in savory systems, beverages, marinades, confectionery items – you name it!

We can provide contract growing, Organic options, and R&D support to customize a product which meets your specific needs. With the wellness and prevention attributes inherent to a diet high in vegetable content, Florida Food Products is ideally positioned to help manufactures develop and succeed in the natural product market place

Blended Vegetable Juice Concentrates:
Carefully blended vegetable concentrates provide unique and economical products which are easy to use in beverages, soups, marinades, and nutritional applications. Customized to meet your specifications, Florida Food Products can provide a blended, stabilized concentrate that will exceed your expectations. With our agronomic knowledge, experienced R&D staff, and modern laboratory, Florida Food Products can help you develop a signature blend to satisfy a more  demanding customer base while differentiating  your products from the competition.

Vacuum-Dried Vegetable Juices and Vacuum-Dried Fruit Juices:
Florida Food Products offers vacuum dried, free-flowing powders which offer very clean flavors with no off tastes – which are often associated with the more traditional spray dried products. This product line is free-flowing, instantly soluble, and offering the convenience of a dry powder in those situations where wet processing is problematic or undesirable.


If you have an idea or a specific need in mind, our R&D Center is ready to assist. We can provide contract growing, production expertise, nutritional support, and product guidance in your pursuit of greater market share. By utilizing our natural non-GMO and Kosher Certified product line, we provide key nutritional building blocks for a broad range of applications. Contact Us today and explore how Florida Food Products can deliver exceptional nutrition to your product concepts.