Monday, January 22, 2018

The industry is turning to Egg Replacers and Egg Extenders

 to help ease the pinch on their bottom line.


The most popular egg replacers before FiberGel LC®:

Wheat Soy Flour Alternatives Whey Pea & Bean Protiens
 Wheat Protein  Soy Flour/ Soy Protein  Alternative Flours  Whey Protein  Green Pea/ Bean Proteins 


Each of these popular egg substitutes bring their own set of problems, whether it’s maintaining moisture, texture or batter viscosity. When using an egg replacer, additional ingredients are often required, as for example when using soy and wheat.

Soy flour and soy protein have been used for years in the industry as an egg replacers. The downfall when using soy in baked goods is that soy flour is often limited to 25% replacement of egg.

Soy protein concentrates are more functional and allow higher rates of substitution. Some experts say they work best in applications for when emulsification/structure building where powdered eggs comprise 0.5 to 2.5% of the total formula and where liquid eggs are 2 to 10% of the formula. 

Wheat, or wheat protein isolate, is often used with baked goods that have wheat flour as their main component. The formulation requires the addition of processing aids, such as lactic acid. If you are trying to keep your products gluten and dairy free, this option is not for you.

FiberGel LC

FiberGel LC® can replace as much as 100% of egg content, develop structure, retain moisture, emulsify, and extend shelf life. Providing baked foods the thermal and irreversible structure of eggs with an egg-free, non-bioengineered, clean label, plant-source composition. 

In certain applications, it can shorten baking times, contribute to gluten-free formulations, and reduce the requirement for bleached and/or high protein flours.

A few recent studies by FFP have shown FiberGel LC®’s effectiveness as an egg-replacer and egg-extender in white cake, muffins and chocolate chip cookies. A KSU study performed using an AACCI method showed favorable results using FiberGel LC® at levels as high as 75% replacement in egg whites in white cake. 

pic of sample label

There is also a growing trend among consumers to know exactly what is in the foods they eat. In an ingredient list, eggs are easily understood. They are natural and familiar. When you are looking for an egg replacer, it’s important to choose an egg substitute solution that performs just as well as eggs that also reads easily on the label. FiberGel LC® offers food processors the ability to maintain clean labels and promote the healthy, “good for you” profile. FiberGel LC is ideally suited as a single ingredient solution, to replace egg (whole or in-part) in a variety of bakery applications. 

If egg prices are hurting your bottom line, FiberGel LC® is just what you’re looking for.