Saturday, February 24, 2018

Vegetable and Fruit Products

Florida, abundant with fresh produce and extended availability with a longer growing season, provides the critical component for our success. Generally, all of our produce is grown within close proximity so that we are able to closely monitor growers under strict quality requirements. Using our transport equipment, the raw material is weighed and delivered within 24 hours of harvest. The produce is inspected, analyzed and recorded for quality prior to production.

After the Fresh Produce is sorted, washed, and analyzed, and then exits our liquid processing line, the finished product is stored in our 15,000 square foot freezer facility. Our gentle processing technique yields a garden fresh true-to-the-vegetable flavor profile. Products are available in a variety of concentrations as cloudy/clarified and high juice content crystal dried forms.

Using our quality concentrates as core components, we are able to blend, add flavors and react to extend the fresh profile of our concentrates in a dry or liquid form. Our systems are able to minimize destructive thermal treatment to preserve the fresh and typical produce character demanded by industry.

 Applications include:

Savory Flavor Systems
Soups, Sauces and Gravies
Meat and Poultry Marinades

Salsa / Hot Sauces
Snack / Lunch Meat Matrix
Savory Snack Foods
Seasoning Blends

Potato, Rice and Pasta Sides
Flavored Pasta
Frozen Entrees
Salad Dressing
Food Service Bases