Saturday, February 24, 2018

Traditional hydrocolloids have been used for centuries to impart texture in food products. While these hydrocolloids provide gelling and viscosity functions, their scientific names continue to be unfamiliar and confusing to consumers. With FiberColloids™, marketers can simplify their ingredient declarations without sacrificing product quality and performance.

FiberGel LC®  and TexDry LC®

FiberGel LC® and TexDry® LC products are the world’s first FibercolloidsTM made from fruit and/or vegetable fiber. These products contain “activated” soluble and insoluble fiber that provide desired gelling and thickening to a wide range of textural applications.

Like traditional hydrocolloids, Fibercolloids are easy to use powders. They go beyond traditional products, providing natural texture development, improved product image, and enhanced nutritional value.

Texture labelPlant fibers are components of cell walls that provide the rigidity to fruits and vegetables, and as polysaccharides, they absorb water. When activated with our patented technology*, they have the unique ability to thicken and create gels in food applications. FiberColloids™ are multi-functional ingredients that can be used in a broad range of product applications making them the ”new essential” for cost-effective texture development.

FiberGel LC®- Excellent water binding fiber that provides instant or controlled gelification. Gels are thermo and retort stable. Consumer friendly label.


TexDry LC®

TexDry LC®- Gelling and water binding fiber for meat applications where structure, extension, soy and phosphate replacement is desired. Thermal gel stability mitigates purge, increases yield, and improves meat texture.

Applications Added Benefits
  • Restructured fruit, vegetable and meat products
  • Pasta and frozen entrees
  • Beverages
  • Bakery products including gluten free
  • Vegetarian products
  • Low sugar jams, fruit preparations, bake stable fillings
  • Soups, sauces, gravies, dressings, dips, and salsas
  • No E-numbers
  • Fiber claims
  • Economical
  • Made in the USA


*US Patent No. 7,833,558.   Other Patents Pending. 

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